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First of all let it be said that crossing the Yarra is epic but we had always wanted to try Circa so we made a commitment for this trek. It was both my birthday (old hen) and our 5th wedding anniversary. Thanks to Vita for babysitting the boys!!! We headed out for dinner at a non-senior citizen’s time slot! Wow! People eat at 8.15pm?

We decided on the degustation menu for the both of us with wine pairing for one. Good choice as I cannot drink that much! I am just a fail with alcohol. Circa had ambient lighting which really translates to down-lights aimed at the middle of your table. So all that care and attention (LOL) to slap some makeup on my face was a waste of time as nobody could see my face in the darkness anyway.


We started with the spanner crab course which was paired with a sake. I kept saying sak-it to me baby. Ok that was lame. I shall refrain from lame jokes from here onwards (not). What was not to love? Yummy crab topped with crispy unidentified bits. Just eat it I told myself.. crunch crunch.


Stylish food is stylish. This is so yummy! The murray cod is served with broth that they magically pour over the top at your table. Mick kept telling me to eat my greens but that top left raw piece of vegetable was left untouched on my plate. I felt guilty for leaving raw piece of green. I wondered if they chef was insulted.

duckbreastcircaOh hai very attractive duck breast! I have to say this was probably the best course. But it might be because I love duck. BTW I need to return to Simon’s duck soon. Duck a l’orange fancied up with endive and tangelo. Y for Yum.


I loved the degustation menu as the serving sizes of each course were itty bitty. I loved being able to taste a range of food on the menu. By this stage, I was feeling a little full and I could not finish all the slices of beef and handed one over to Mick. He happily wolfed it down with some charred onion. Again one piece of raw vegetable leaf was left on the plate.

chocmoussecircaOh chocolate mousse! Not just normal chocolate mousse, single origin chocolate mousse! I might have to google what single origin chocolate means. How can you not want to eat this?

This was a great meal in terms of presentation, tastes and service. I thought that I totally lucked out as it was a great experience so far. Then … we go and get our car. Well first someone couldn’t work out that the machine returns your paid ticket through the bottom slot. So it held up a few people. Their machines also do not take credit card for some reason and you have to pay by cash or go back to the Prince if you want to pay by card. Lucky for us parking was free as I had my ticket validated. Then someone decided they were too important to pay first before getting their car. And sat at the boom gate while some drunken fool tried to navigate the already complicated machine. This resulted in a line of cars waiting to get out didn’t it! Followed by being stuck behind someone who couldn’t get the boom gate open with their ticket!! By the time I was at the boom gate, a crowd had gathered to watch if my ticket would work. What a carpark fiasco!

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  1. Vita
    October 13, 2013 at 8:21 am (3 years ago)

    I’m so glad you enjoyed your evening – and your young men were little angels for me! That chocolate mousse looks absolutely amazing, like it’s been deconstructed somehow. I love what chefs can do with ingredients. It’s all about foams, soils etc!!
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    • sixinchheel
      October 13, 2013 at 11:14 am (3 years ago)

      Fed you a cupcake too. AHHAH how good were the cupcakes that Daisy made? Unreal! I wished that I was half as good as her.

    • sixinchheel
      October 16, 2013 at 8:49 am (3 years ago)

      Thanks lovely!! xx can’t wait to catch up!


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